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Because EVOO is so effective against obesity.

Because EVOO is so effective against obesity.

Almost 30% of Spaniards are obese and prone to developing cardiovascular problems.

Six out of ten Spaniards have overweight problems, according to data from the report "The heavy burden of obesity" published in 2019 by the OECD. He even goes so far as to affirm that almost 30% of Spaniards have obesity. According to WHO data, it is a great epidemic that can affect around 650 million about people en everyone. This public health problem is about making each Winners will be announced in March with the celebration of dWorld Day Against Obesity.

A healthy life is essential to avoid these problems in this sense, experts indicate as healthier models: the Mediterranean diet, which is based on a high consumption of vegetables, fruits, legumes, fish, a moderate contribution of meats and with the olive oils as the main source of fat.

Contrary to popular belief, a diet rich in healthy fats helps control our weight. This is demonstrated by the PREDIMED Study, as explained by its coordinator, Dr. Ramón Estruch, on the COPE chain:

“When PREDIMED was designed, we saw that 90% of the participants were overweight and obese. We were concerned because, with a Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra virgin olive oil and nuts, we were giving many more calories than the control group that did not take oil or nuts. We were concerned about what would happen to weight and abdominal girth, two vascular risk factors. What we have found in a very long follow-up, of five years on average, is that even people lost weight in the groups in which they took olive oils, mainly, and maintained the abdominal girth, which is a success from the point of view of public health hearing ”.

Given the results of the study carried out, Dr. Estruch has no doubt that:

"Obese or overweight people do not have to be afraid of following a Mediterranean diet, which logically includes extra virgin olive oil and nuts."

Scientific endorsement

The Mediterranean diet is supported by science and has proven its benefits beyond any doubt

“There are many diets, with results that can be beneficial in the short term. What we have shown is that, in the long term, the best diet to achieve cardiovascular benefit, without prejudice to weight and abdominal circumference, is the Mediterranean diet. And this is increasingly accepted by the international community. It has been difficult to convince the Saxon world that our diet is the best, but they are already convinced and PREDIMED has helped a lot ”.

Article sources: https://www.cope.es/emisoras/andalucia/jaen-provincia/jaen/noticias/dieta-mediterranea-con-aceite-oliva-virgen-extra-muy-eficaz-contra-obesidad-20210303_1169560




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