Spanish Wine Balsamic Vinegars

Sotaroni makes its aged balsamic vinegars through the criaderas and soleras process in American oak barrels.
Our balsamic vinegars are divided into three varieties made with concentrated must from wines from Jerez, Pedro Ximenez and Moscatel

Peter Jimenez



Ideal Balsamic

Balsamic vinegar from Pedro Ximenez wine and grape vinegars. Aged in oak barrels, by the solera method.

Designation of Origin

Sherry vinegar is the great perfume of Universal gastronomy and an irreplaceable culinary condiment. Its rich nuances make it the essence of many dishes, both in haute cuisine and in the traditional preparations of each day.

Doubly awarded

This vinegar makes the difference. Combine the sweetness of Muscat with an acid touch of all good vinegar. Can be used as a substitute for dark balsamic vinegars to avoid staining of dishes

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