The Polop Valley (Alicante). 
A unique place with a unique biodiversity in the Province of Alicante.

Polop Valley, between two natural parks.

Our Torrevella farm is located in the Polop Valley, a valley located north of Alicante in the inland regions and a few kilometers from Alicante capital. A unique environment that combines a Mediterranean climate with a continental climate nest at its height more than 800 meters above sea level. It is also surrounded by high mountains and mountain ranges that make it a place of great biological interest and high biodiversity. Between the Mariola mountain range and the Fuente Roja natural park, it is also close to the Aitana mountain range. With a cool and cold climate in winter, hot in summer and with a very high solar incidence, it makes it ideal for growing stone fruit trees. Among them the olive tree, the cherry tree and the apple tree.

Products offered by this environment.

Get to know some of the products we offer thanks to the wonderful raw material that this unique place in the province of Alicante gives us.


The network of natural parks, protected by regional governments, are a hope for our environment. 
Here in the north of Alicante in the inland regions let's have dinner the luck of enjoying these imposing places.

Sierra de Mariola and Fuente Roja.

They may seem like names out of a medieval novel, but no.
There is an exceptional place in Alicante with a very high biodiversity, where you can enjoy the mountains, hiking, cycling routes, fresh fountains and steep walls. A place with the largest number of native aromatic herbs in Europe and with a deep forest of holm oaks, oak and yew trees. This place of high environmental value is protected and is part of the NATURA 2000 NETWORK.

We do not believe in monoculture.

When we started this adventure we never thought that we could offer so many exceptional products, extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar, cherries, apples ...

The Salt

The Barxell River plunges into the void in a vertiginous fall of more than 70 meters high, 
giving rise to one of the most impressive waterfalls in the province of Alicante

Toll blau

The Toll Blau is a beautiful turquoise colored pool of water, with small waterfalls, 
perfect to cool off and take a bath in the heart of the Sierra de Mariola.

Cherry plantation

The cherry is a tree that is excellently adapted to the climate of the area.

Millennial Oak

Throughout the Polop Valley you can find 
specimens of millennial old women

Pous Clars

The Pou Clar is the most important river area in the municipality 
and it houses important natural and landscape values.
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