Situation and Location.

The farm known as Finca Torrevella is located in a rural area within the Polop - Alcoy - Alicante Valley between two Natural parks, that of the "Sierra de Mariola" and the "Red Fountain" in the municipality of Alcoy. The game is west of the municipality on the road that connects the city of Alcoy with the town of Banyeres de Mariola. The address is Polop Alt No. 31.

Natural Site

The surrounding landscape is considered one of the most diverse aromatic plants in Europe, protected by both the Autonomous and State Administrations. Both the Natural Park of Fuente Roja and the Natural Park of La Sierra de Mariola are an example of biodiversity and environmental conservation in the province of Alicante.


The Sierra Mariola was declared a natural park on January 8, 2002. With an area of ​​16.000 hectares, located between the regions of Vall d'Albaida, Alcoià and Comtat, it is included within the municipalities of Agres, Alcoy, Alfafara , Banyeres, Bocairent, Cocentaina and Muro.

It stands out for the abundant sources, the many farmhouses and a large network of roads, which show the intense activity of exploitation of natural resources carried out by its former inhabitants: snowmen, shepherds, woodcutters, etc. One of the most important signs of identity of the park are the cavas, in operation between the XVI-XX centuries: constructions for the storage of snow. Other outstanding construction elements are the various hamlets, castles and hermitages that we will find