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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Grand Coupage 500ml

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Special Coupage

Our master taster tests the production of oils of our main varieties every year and determines which is the best mixture to achieve an improved oil that is identified as unique and inspiring.

For this we elaborate different mixtures of Our variety par excellence the Arqbequina the counterpoint or ideal that offers the world-renowned Picual variety and the native character of our traditional Blanqueta a variety originating in our cultivation area.

The oil of the “Picual” variety has a strong personality, presenting specific sensory nuances that make it easily identifiable in all varietal oils. The oil of the "Blanqueta" variety is characterized by its fluidity and intense fruity along with a good fragrance. It is a very fruity oil, with a slight apple flavor, slightly herbaceous green, somewhat bitter and more spicy.

The art of mixing

The art of getting the best mix is ​​an interactive learning experience about olive oil, feeling its aroma, tasting its flavor notes and finally creating the right mix.

In Spanish culture there is a century-old knowledge about Olive Oil. That is intrinsic in the way you feel and create a fabulous mix. Smelling the Olive Oil you can get an idea of ​​whether it is fruity, and if it was harvested with ripe or greener fruit. Bitterness and itching are notes that also influence and can lead to a multitude of sensations.

After testing the oils separately and their successive different mixtures every year we try to get the best possible mixture to obtain an oil that inspires and transports us to the most extraordinary sensations, we know that perfection does not exist but with each harvest we start again to move forward, in our art.