Torrevella farm

Located in the Valle de Polop, in Alcoy. With more than 200 hectares, of which 64 hectares are used for the cultivation of olive, cherry and apple trees.

Family farm and agricultural exploitation.

The Torrevella farm is where Sotaroni products are born, under the strict gaze of those who make it for themselves. We are a family business with a vocation and passion for the countryside and agriculture. We also believe in improving agricultural practices that are based on respect for the land and the environment, putting into practice all the resources that regenerative agriculture offers us. We do not rely solely on one crop and have diversified the plantation of olive trees with cherry and apple trees. We create a natural plant cover, increasing the biodiversity of the soil and thus enriching it with organic matter from pruning. We use only registered and controlled phytosanitary products as well as most are of ecological origin or zero residue.
The farm has more than 200 hectares distributed between the Polop Valley and Mount Sotaroni, from which our name comes. 
The farm 214 Hectares spread over: 68 Has of farmland. 1 Has of land for buildings and earthworks. 144,758393 Has of forest land. The cultivated land is in woody cultivation, that is, trees: Olives, Apple and Cherry trees. All in optimal production.  
Olives of 20 Years that occupy 41 hectares and about 15.000 Olive trees of the Arbequina, Picual, Valentín and Blanqueta varieties, mostly. With an average production of 200 Tons a year. 
 Cherry trees between 5 and 15 years old that occupy about 19 Has 8.000 Trees of different varieties special for export due to the quality of their fruit, their size and their duration once harvested, among which are the Sonata, Santina, Black Star, Cashemire , Prime Giant, Sweet Late and Sweet heart among others. With an average annual production of 100 tons. They also have the protected geographical designation of Cerezas de La Montaña de Alicante. 
 15-year-old apple trees occupy about 8 hectares of commercial table varieties, Fuji, Royal Gala and Verde Doncella. With an average annual production of 30 Tons. 
The 144 hectares of mountains are located mainly in the Sierra de Mariola Natural Park Area and are currently used for Beekeeping by third parties. It is an area of ​​high environmental and hunting value and forms part, together with two other farms, of a small and large game reserve for Wild Boar. Within it there are several "holm oaks" that are monumental trees due to their age, height and crown diameter. Susceptible to be registered as such by the competent authorities.  

extra virgin olive oil from sotaroni payment

Regenerative agriculture

In our crops we use agricultural practices that respect the land and our inputs are zero residue.



Our farm also has a cherry tree plantation of the best qualities and with a protected geographical name. Recognized throughout the European market as cherries of large size, extreme hardness and high levels of sugar. 


An olive grove that respects the earth, where techniques are applied to improve the soil as well as the minimum use of chemicals that damage the environment. With native varieties of the region such as Blanqueta and Alfafarenca. And Arbequina and Valentí varieties.


Known in the region as the best Apple in the market for its flavor and high sugar levels. The farm has three main varieties of table apple. Fuji, Royal Gala and the little known but highly valued for its unique flavor Verde Maiden.

Alicante Mountain Cherries

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