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Conformément aux dispositions de l'article 22.2 de la loi 34/2002 du 11 July sur les services de la société de l'information et du commerce électronique, ce site vous report, dans cette section, des policy of collecte et de traitement des cookies.



A cookie is a telecharged file on your computer for access to certain web pages. Cookies are allowed, among authors, to a web page of the stocker and of the information retriever on the navigation habits of a user or of the equipment and, in the source of the information that contains the equipment and is not used by the equipment , ils peuvent être utilisés pour reconnaître à l'utilisateur.



Ce site Web uses the types of cookies suivants:

Cookies d'analyse: These are the ones that are well dealt with by nous or by the tiers, nous permettent de quantifier the name of utilizers and also of realizing the measure statistic and the analysis of the utilization that font the utilizers of the service proposed. Pour cela, vote for navigation on our internet site is analyzed related to améliorer the offer of products or services that nous you propose.

Cookies techniques: Sont ceux qui permettent à l'utilisateur de naviguer in the zone restreinte et d'utiliser of different functions, comme, par exemple, effectuer le process d'achat d'un article.

Personalization cookies: This is the case that allows the user to access the service with certain characteristics of the general characteristics specified in the source of a series of criticisms from the terminal of the user, tels that the language or the type of navigator via lequel le service est connecté.

Advertising cookies: This is the case, either by dealing with the website or by the tiers, allowing you to manage the offer of publicity spaces on the website of the most effective possible manner, in adapting the content of the annonce au content service demanded ou à l'utilisation qui en est faite sur notre web site. Pour cela, nous pouvons analyze your navigation habits on the Internet and you montrer des publicités liées à votre profil de navigation.

Behavioral advertising cookies: These are the ones that allow the management, in the most efficient manner possible, of the publicity spaces that, the case is made, the publisher even on a web page, an application or a platform from the request of the service required by this fourni. The types of cookies stock of the information on the behavior of the visitors, you get thanks to the continued observation of the navigation habits, which allows you to develop a specific profil for the display of the publicities based on the Celui-ci.



Pouvez vous authorize, block or top the cookies installé sur votre ordinateur in configurant les options du navigateur installées sur votre ordinateur.

The plupart of Web navigators offers the possibility of authorizing, blocking or eliminating the cookies installed on the votre ordinateur.

Ci-dessous, you can access the configuration of Web navigators, the plus frequents for accepting, installer or deactivator of cookies:

Set cookies in Google Chrome

Define cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer

Set cookies in Mozilla Firefox

Define cookies for Safari (Apple)



This Web site uses the services tiers to collect the information on the statistical fins and for the use of the Web site. DoubleClick cookies are used to promote publicity on the website. They are used to guide the publicity in the source of the relevant content for a user, including the quality of the experience of use.

More precisely, nous utilisons les services Google Adsense et Google Analytics pour nos statistiques et notre publicité. Certains cookies are essential to the function of the site, for exemple le moteur de recherche intégré.

Notre site includes d'autres fonctionnalités fournies par des tiers. You can easily share your content on social resources such as Facebook, Twitter or Google +, with boutons that are not available, including the effect.



You can supprimer and block all cookies on the site, more than one part of the site and the function of the web page that is affected.

If you have questions about our cookie policy, you can contact the website via our contact channels

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