Shipping Policy


I. Livraison du produit

L'ENTREPRISE s'engage à remettre produces him in parfait état dans the direction that the Client will adresse dans the formulaire de commande, et qui, en tout état de cause, doit être comprise dans le territory. In order to optimize the release, nous vous remercions d'indiquer unite dans laquelle la commande peut être release dans the cadre de l'horaire de travail habituel.

The ENTERPRISE will not be responsible for the errors related to the release that the address of the release is entered by the Client on the order form that corresponds to the actuality or to the ignorant.

L'ENTREPRISE informs the Client qu'une me commande peut être divisée en plusieurs livraisons.

II. Délai by livraison

I am sending them a serial effect for the intermediary of a société de messagerie. The order that you faite will be given out for a maximum of 10 days after the order is confirmed. Well that gives you the usual release of the ENTER soit generally comprised between 3 and 6 days, after the end of the order.

Ces délais sont des moyens, et where an estimation. Il est where possible qu'ils soient variés pour des raisons logistiques ou de force majeure. In case of retard de livraison, l'entreprise informs clients of qu'elle in a connaissance.

This release is recognized as effectuated from the moment the transport company has produced it at the Client's disposal, which is materialized by the control system used by the transport company.

In the case of delay in the release of commandes attributable to the ENTERPRISE, you will be authorized to annul the vote commanded by the procedure described in section "11. Remboursement." Instruct the client to make available to the transport company for the convenience of a client.

III. Shipping Coûts

Pour l'Espagne (peninsula) and Portugal, the route of the expedition is in accordance with the rates of business with the transport and indications of the commande passée.

If you want the order to be sorted by our entrepôts, you will receive an e-mail from your informant who will vote to send the acceptée et est en cours d'envoi.

Pour des raisons de sécurité, l'ENTREPRISE n'enverra pas de commande à des posts or bases militarires, et n'acceptera even commande lorsqu'il n'est possible d'identifier the destination of the commande et son adresse.

IV. Livraison, Livraison non effectuée et Extravation

If, at the moment of the release, the Client is absent, he will be transported a receiption for a comment to proceed to conclude a new release. The company engages, from the cadre du service of release of the message, a series of actions of its members who visent to guarantee that the release occurred.

If the release is not concluenced with a 7-day outing after the release of the commande, you may contact l'ENTREPRISE. If the Client fails, the Client will be engaged in a delay of 10 open days from the order's release schedule, and the Client will be charged with the shipment and return to the source of the marcher ainsi that les frais de gestion associés.

If the raison pour laquelle la livraison n'a pas pu être effectuée is l'extravasation du parquet, nore transportur will make a request. Dans of the houses, the delivery of the response of our transport is generally comprised between une et trois semaines.

V. Didiligence dans la livraison

The Client will verify the good status of the collision of the transportation that is responsible for the SOCIETE, effecting the release of the requested product, indiquant on the note of release of the anomaly qui pourrait detecter sur l'emballage. If, for the suite, a fois that produced the examination, the Client detects any incident that hit him, the rupture, the indication of avoir été ouvert ou tout dommage caused by the expedition, and the dernier s'engage To communicate with the SOCIÉTÉ for e-mail dans les plus brefs délais, avant les 24 prochaines heures de la livraison. After all, any incident of this type (seulement des pièces de garantie) will not be regulated.

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