Refund Policy


I. Procédure de renvoi

All the products made to the ENTERPRISE peuvent être remboursés et remboursés, on the condition that the Client communicates the ENTERPRISE are the intention of renvoyer the or the products achetés dans a délai maximum of 7 calendar days comptabilized from the date of release and that the autres conditions are stated in the present section soient remplies.

L'ENTREPRISE accepts uniquement les retours qui répondent aux conditions requises suivantes:

  1. The products of the same are the same as those that are found in the free and preserved environment are original packaging and etiquetage.
  2. The expedition does the same effect in using the same caisse that celle où vous sometimes été reçu pour proteger le produit. For the case of the best possible faire face to the boîte avec laquelle vous vous êtes free, you will restore it in a protection boîte so that it will arrive at the entrepôt de l'ENTREPRISE with the maximum possible guarantees .
  3. A copy of the border of the free delivery including the package, or the retournés products and the motif of the retour sont également marquis.

In order to facilitate the process of return to clients and to assure the return, the ENTERPRISE defines the procedure of renewal as well as the seule proceeded of remboursement établie par l'entreprise. If the reason for the return is attributable to the ENTERPRISE (the product is defective, it is not in the country that you sometimes sued, etc.), the amount for the return is reimbursed. If the raison en est une autre (the products ont été correctly served mais ne sont pas de votre goût), the coût des frais de retour is à la charge du client.

Pour proceed to a retour, proceed as a suit:

  1. Informer avant 7 jours civils depuis the reception that produces you veut être renewed. The information you can obtain from the electronic courier à l'adresse or from the support form biais.
  2. L'ENTREPRISE informs the client of l'adresse à laquelle le produit doit être expediée.
  3. The client does the sending for the biais d'une société de messagerie de votre choix. Remboursement doit être payé par le client.
  4. Rapport sur la société de messagerie utilisée, la date et l'heure du retour.

II. Remboursements au CLIENT

The return of the products that is based on a return to the standard of the return of the products is the return of the service.

In the event that the product is free or defective or incorrect, the ENTERPRISE will return the corresponding client frais d'expédition.

Les remboursements partiels et les annulations partielles provoquent des remboursements partiels.

The ENTERPRISE will generate the bon de retour sous the même système that was used for the payment in a delay of 3 days at the end of the confirmation of l'arrivée au magasin de la commande retournée. The application of the remise sur le compte ou la carte du Client depends on the carte et de l'autorité émettrice. The offer of mise en oeuvre is 7 days for the debit cards and just 30 days for the credit cards.


ENTREPRISE agit in so much that a distributor of manufacturers pour s'assurer that the products present on sale in thewww.torrevella.comFonctionnent correctement et ne presentent pas de fauts, nor of vices caches that render them dangereux or inappropriate for a normal use.

The contractual guarantee offered is generally made by the manufacturer. One is that you receive the product, you have the four instructions for the manufacturer of the voting rights, suffisantes for the utilization and the installation of the product, as well as that you provide all information related to the guarantee. A client needs to demand a longer guarantee than I indicated with his / her ci-dessus.

THE SOCIETY will be the tenue to recover the end-product and the Client to contact the manufacturer's after-sales service. In this sense, the SOCIÉTÉ will issue the measures visant à fournir au Client to request the coordination of the service and four parties with sufficient information for the presentation of pertinent claims.

The warranty loses its validity in cases of defects or defects caused by external factors, accidents, in particular electrical accidents, use, installation and use not in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

The products modified or repaired by the Client or by the person not authorized by the Manufacturer are exclusive of the guarantee. The guarantee is applied to the defaults and the defaulted apparel of conformity of the products, for the lesquels of the certification of the same for the Client concerning the 7 days after the release of the products. The guarantee will be valid for end-of-life products for improper use.

It is expressly indicated that the gonflables are not guaranteed by the manufacturers and the fournissent pas en raison des différents factors that peuvent affecter are bon fonctionnement (perforations, exposition au soleil, frottement ...).

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