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Our Arbequina


About Variety

The oil of the variety "Arbequina" is characterized by its fluidity and its extraordinary fragrance. It is a very fruity oil, with light apple flavor, herbaceous green, very little bitter and spicy, sweet taste. It is a soft and very fluid oil in the mouth, being specific attributes the green almond, alloza, and the flavor of freshly cut grass. As for its acidic composition, it has a medium-low oleic acid content and a high level of polyunsaturated fatty acids that give it its characteristic fluidity. It has an average vitamin E content and low in total polyphenols, which provides softness and sweetness to its oils. The stability to the staleness of oils of the variety "Arbequina" can be considered medium-low.

Our Harvest

Between the Natural Parks of the Font Roja and the Sierra de Mariola, it is a family farm of more than 140 has, of which 60 has are used to grow olive trees of the Arbequina variety and the rest to other crops native to this area ( aromatic plants, cherry trees, walnut trees, almond trees, ..). Its location at more than 800m. on the level of evil, its proximity to it makes the Mediterranean climate and the exceptional qualities of these lands, ideal conditions for this crop.

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