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Terms of service

Product information

The product description on the website is based on information provided by suppliers of Torrevella Farms Limited. However, information about each product provided on the company's website, including photos or videos of the product, as well as any kind of trade name, trademark or logo, will be displayed on the following websites:www.torrevella.comIn the form of guidance


All product prices posted on the website include VAT and other taxes that may be appropriate. However, these prices do not include the cost of shipping the goods, which are listed separately and must be accepted by the customer.


The company informs customers that the number of units available is constantly updated with inventory and supplier availability. Under no circumstances should an enterprise knowingly sell to others any units beyond what it owns or is retained by the supplier.

Enterprises should make every effort to please all customers in terms of product demand. However, sometimes, due to reasons beyond the control of the enterprise, such as human error or computer system accident, the final quantity provided by the supplier may be different from the order issued by the enterprise to meet the customer's order.

If the product cannot be obtained after the order is placed, the customer should be informed of the total or partial invalidity of the order by email. A partial cancellation of an order due to failure to provide the goods does not mean that the entire order can be canceled. If the customer wishes to return the goods delivered after the cancellation of the transaction, the provisions of paragraph (1) must be complied with.


The customer promises to pay when the order is placed. The initial price of each product offered on the website will be added with the relevant shipping charges. In any case, the customer shall be informed in advance before the conclusion of the procurement contract.

The purchase order or voucher corresponding to the purchase order will be available and can be viewed online.www.torrevella.comUnder my account, order.

Customers must pay for orders through credit or debit cards (visa, MasterCard, e-visa and / or similar cards). The payment card must be a financial entity issued to a Spanish bank or savings bank. Credit cards are paid through paypal and its security protocol.

The customer must report any improper or fraudulent charges on the purchase card to the company in the shortest possible time, by email or telephone, so that the company can take appropriate action.

Formal order

Once the purchase order is formally confirmed, ie acceptance of the conditions of use and confirmation of the purchase process, the company will always send an email to the customer confirming the details of the purchase completed.

Order cancellation

The enterprise department shall accept the cancellation request made before the order is issued. To cancel, you must send to Info@torrevella.com。

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